❣️❣️❣️ “Hello! I just wanted to share my experience with MIZPAH and their CNA program. I first joined the class with a lot of anxiety and nervousness as to whether I would succeed, however, the very first meeting with Susan and Shijy gave me a lot of confidence and courage to start the classes and believe in my capabilities. The online classes were very helpful during this pandemic period and the in-person lab and clinical helped me to form the skills needed to take care of patients. Review classes for the certification examination were very helpful. The small class sizes were extremely accommodating in personalizing the lesson plan according to what each person needed. I wholeheartedly thank Susan, Shijy, and MIZPAH for helping me pass my first professional examination and for all the support along the way. I would absolutely recommend their programs to anyone seeking healthcare professional programs”💕 - Regina Roy

awsome mizpah

My experience with taking my CNA course with MIZPAH has been amazing!! Each class was really thorough and taught me everything that I needed to know for the exam. The thing I loved most about this course was that it was super flexible! Everyone was very understanding of the students being high schoolers and busy with school work so rescheduling classes and moving things around was no hassle! Overall. this course has really prepared me to be an amazing CNA as it provided me with the knowledge. skills. practice. and experience. I would definitely recommend taking this course as it is catered to students' needs. and provides everything necessary to complete the course. pass the exam. and start working :) Definitely an experience I cherish!!" - Julia Jose

Supportive instructors

"I'm so glad and grateful to MIZPAH especially Susan mam to help me to become a CNA. I can strongly recommend MIZPAH as a solution for CNA exam. Thank you so much Susan mam for your guidance and support for my success!" - Neethumol George